Thursday, May 2, 2013

39 weeks

How far along? 39 weeks
Total weight gain: 22 lbs total
Maternity clothes? pretty much all maternity mixed in with stretchy workout clothes
Stretch marks? No thank heavens!!! I made it to the end stretch mark free!
Sleep: horrendous!! up every hour on the hour to use the restroom along with tossing and turning to switch sides.
Best moment this week:
getting our new home ready, finding out when baby is coming!
Miss Anything? being able to move normally and comfortably.
Movement: they say there is a lot less movement in the last weeks but that just isn't true with this little girl.  She is still doing giant movements frequently, as well as getting the hiccups several times a day.
Food cravings: still with the brownies and vanilla ice cream combo, along with munchin' on ice.
Anything making you queasy or sick: nope
Gender: Girl

Labor Signs:  Some definite contractions here and there.  Nothing consistent.
Symptoms: Feet are getting swollen.  Nothing side show like..but puffy for sure.  Braxton hicks contractions.  Frequent urination.

 Belly Button in or out? in and flat!  Another thank goodness for me.  I really wanted to keep my innie :)
Wedding rings on or off? on
Happy or Moody most of the time: SO very happy!!  I have had a very stressful last few months being pregnant and trying to get a new house and now moving just days before labor.  I'm pretty happy to say that I have managed to keep my composure through it all.  Ask Steve and you may get a different story ;)
Looking forward to: Meeting our little girl very soon!

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