Monday, March 11, 2013

Getting there...

Well baby girl you are doing a number on mama!  This weekend I hit the know the wall where you just feel done. Uncomfortable, no matter which way you situate yourself.  Yep, I am there. I hate to wish away this time or complain because I prayed so much for this moment.  I don't by any means take this for granted.  I feel enormously blessed, that's for sure.

I super tired.  Your mama is a little lady and you are taking up all my space in there.  Crushing my lungs and bladder all day, everyday.  We have approximately 50 days until your arrival.  I am measuring exactly 32 weeks, right on schedule.  In two weeks we go back to the doctor where we will get an ultrasound to see exactly how much you weigh.  I can't wait.  I have absolutely no clue if you are big like daddy or small like mama...or maybe a perfect mixture of both and right in the middle :) 

Everyone keeps telling me that they don't think I am going to make it until May 1st.  They all think you will come sooner.  But, you'll see one day when you are pregnant...people think they know everything about pregnancy and labor.  They will tell you all about it ;)  I can't wait to meet you,  although, I do want you to cook in there until you are all done. 

We can't wait to hold you, but we need a little more time sweet pea.  We are long way from 'ready.'  We still have to close on our new house, renovate it, paint your room and set it up and have our baby shower!  That's a lot to do in 50 days.  To say mama is stressed, well, that's an understatement.  What I will say is that I am very proud of myself for not yet having a breakdown over this long 'to do' list.  I give myself a pat on the back ;)  Your grandma says she thinks its riiiiight there...about to go over the edge. hehe

At this time I choose to just trust God.  He has a plan and will take care of our family.  In the end all we need is our family, and wherever mommy and daddy bring you home to will be happy & home & full of love.

So, although mama is feelin' rough these days & can't wait to meet just keep cookin' little nugget!  Just for a little while longer...

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