Thursday, January 3, 2013

Week 20-Half way there!

Say whaaat?!?! Half way there already! Holy moly!
I honestly can't believe this whole thing is half way over.  It's really kind of bittersweet.  I dreamed of being pregnant for what seems like foreverrrrrr.  & while I can't wait to meet our little girl, hold her, smell her, tell her how much mommy and daddy love her...I can't help but want to savor this amazing experience.  Steve and I talk about it quite frequently.  What a miracle this whole being pregnant is.  It really is such a gift and we are soooo soooo thankful that God chose us.  It has brought us closer to God and strengthened our relationship with him, that is for sure.
Well onto more about week 20.
This is the week you really made mommy's belly pop out.  & I LOVE it.  This is the little round belly I always pictured in my head and I am totally embracing it.  I can't help but stop every time I pass the mirror and think wow.  This is it, it is really happening.  So surreal.
You are also really moving around in there. & although I am the only one who can feel you right now...I am really enjoying it.  Such a reassurance to know that you are in there and growing like a weed. Keep growing sweet baby girl.  Mommy and daddy can't wait to meet you.

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