Saturday, January 12, 2013

24 weeks

Today is: January 12, 2013

How far along: 24 weeks and 3 days pregnant

Total weight gain: 10 lbs

Baby is the size of: a cantaloupe! Just over a pound :)

What's going on with the babe: Supposedly she is still lean now, but will start to plump up in the next couple of weeks.  Her lungs and taste buds are still forming and her brain is growing :)

What's going on with the mama: Supposedly my uterus is just above my belly button now and the size of a soccer ball.  That would explain this ginnormo belly!

Baby is a: Girl

Maternity clothing: Its that time!  I am breaking down and getting some jeans this week.

Sleep: Up 3 to 4 times a night for bathroom breaks, and tossing and turning all night inbetween.

Movement: Yes, but less than last week.  I think she has moved and my uterus is cushioning her kicks. 

Food cravings/aversions: Big cravings for guacamole.  Also, I was a complete animal around fresh fruit this week.

Symptoms: Getting up and down off the floor alll day with the kids at work is getting harder and harder.  Lower back and legs are tired by 3:00.  Other than that, feeling fantastic :)

The best moment(s) of this past week: Daddy finally felt you kick, 3 times in a row!
Watching you make my belly completely lopsided for the first time.  So funny!
Picking up some baby gear for nana's house.

I'm looking forward to: 3d ultrasound sometime in the next couple weeks.
                                          Spring break (is it too soon for that???)

Our week wasn't tooo crazy.   We started back from our two week winter vacation and that was hard!!  Here is a little snippet of our week according to the camera roll.  Monday we celebrated Alabama's national championship!  We scored some baby gear for nana to keep at her house and sissy tested it out ;)  Daddy bought his first toy for baby girl...a stuffed animal that looks just like Lilly.  He also cooked dinner twice this week and breakfast this morning.  We are lucky girls to have him in our life :)

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