Wednesday, January 9, 2013

23 weeks

Here we are at 23 weeks.  6 months :)  You are actually bouncing around in my belly as I am writing this.  Jumping on my bladder actually.  But that's ok..I love your sweet movements.
Nana felt you last night for the very first time and it was oh so exciting!
We actually don't know if her name will stay nana.  She is currently trying to come up with something much for unique and clever for herself.  So only time will tell if she will end up nana or something else ;)
Anyways your nana...she loves you oh so much.  Sometimes I think just as much as I do even though it is hard to imagine that that is even possible.  She rubs my belly and talks to you almost everyday.  I can't help but laugh at how silly she looks but she is just so darn focused on you knowing her voice when you make your way into the world.
I often try to get people to feel you moving around in there.  You are getting so strong and sometimes it just feels like you are going wild in there.  But, it never fails as soon as someone else puts their hand on my tummy you dissappear.  But last night you decided to show yourself and nana felt you for the very first time. & it was such a happy night :)
Today is: January 3, 2013

How far along: 23 weeks

Total weight gain: 8 pounds

Baby is the size of: ahh finally you are 1 pound! eeks!

What's going on with the babe:  Says that you are becoming familiar with sounds that you hear all the time and that when you are hear in the world, those sounds probably won't startle you. Makes me giggle thinking about what you think when you hear your little fur sister barking.

What's going on with the mama: I feel great!  So incredibly happy.  My belly seems to be growing like a weed and my belly button is getting shallower by the day ;)

Baby is a: A sweet baby girl.

Maternity clothing: Mostly no.  I have two pair of maternity leggings that I loove to live in.  But I am still buttoning my pre-preggo jeans, although maternity jeans have been calling my name lately.  Might cave soon.

Sleep: It is pretty good...still wake up two times a night for that nightly bathroom call.
Movement: Too soon.

Food cravings/aversions: Not really.  Really tried to kick up the working out and healthy eating this week since getting back from vacation.

-Frequent urination.  Like really frequent.  Sorry for the tmi!
-Getting a little slower at getting off the floor or getting up from the sitting to standing position.

The best moment(s) of this past week:
- Getting to hear your little heart beat at our monthly check up.
- Finding out that our offer was accepted on a house this week.  Hopefully everything works out
  and we will have a new home in February.  Fingers crossed!

I'm looking forward to:
- enjoying my last 3 days of winter break.

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