Monday, December 30, 2013

2013 in review.

Another year has come and gone.
2013 was the greatest year of my life so far.
Full of so so many blessings.
& taking a look back just makes me realize exactly how much.

1/2 way through my pregnancy.  Was super excited to meet our daughter.

Celebrated our last Valentines childless.  Received a special little delivery to my classroom.

We celebrated Steve's 36th Birthday.

Our little Brynn Caroline made her entrance into the world weighing a whopping 8lbs 9oz. and our lives were forever changed.

Marked Brynn's one month in the world.

We closed on our house that we had waited for 8 months.

We made our yearly trip to Gulf Shores for the Fourth of July and missy met the beach for the first time. 

We moved out of our townhouse and into our  new house.

Continued with massive amounts of renovations.

Celebrated Halloween and dressed up in our first family coordinated costume :)

Paid Honey and Pops a visit, Brynn's second road trip.
Celebrated Thanksgiving with our newest member at the table with us.

Brynn celebrated her first Christmas and Santa paid that sweet little angel a visit.

2013 was a great year.  A fantastic year.  I love looking back at all the memories we created. It will be hard to top this year, but I am pretty sure 2014 will be pretty awesome!

Friday, December 27, 2013

Baby's first Christmas

ahhhh...what a magical Christmas it was.  I still get the warm fuzzies in my heart just thinking about it.  We have spent all month talking about Santa, wearing Christmas clothes & Jammies, reading Christmas books and singing songs.  The month really just FLEW by.  I was beyond excited to celebrate this Christmas with our little nugget.

Honey and pops traveled to come spend Brynn's first Christmas with us and well, that was pretty darn special.  Christmas Eve was spent at my parents house.  Brynn got to wear her pretty Christmas dress that Grammy picked out for her.  We all sat around and opened presents one at a time.  While Brynn wasn't too much into ripping open the presents this year, she was pretty into all the paper and rucus around her.  Presents were followed by our traditional Christmas Eve dinner which is oh so delicious.  Even Brynn got down on some filet mignon :)  We spent the rest of the night watching Brynn ride her cars..which was pretty much the highlight of her life.  The way she lit up when she got on that thing...uhh just makes my heart turn to mush.  I love seeing her happiness.

Then Brynn remembered Santa was coming and said we had to get home ASAP ;)

I was so excited that I hardly slept that night and actually woke up before Brynn...just staring at the baby monitor waiting for her to wake up.  And when she did..we popped out of bed like pop tarts and ran in baby's room, video camera in hand..singing merry christmas!  After her initial shock..she was totally into it and thought we were pretty funny.  We came out to the living room and placed her on the floor making such a big deal out of what Santa brought for her.  She spent a while checking everything out before she spotted her milk on the table and lost her marbles.

Later on we got dressed and headed back over to grammy and papa's for breakfast.  Santa came there too and brought her a tree swing :)

We spent the day just laying around, playing..laughing at Brynn and eating of course.  We came home 10 lbs heavier and our hearts 10lbs fuller :)  It was the best.  I really can't even put it into words.  I saw this quote the other day that read "I used to think being a kid on Christmas was the best thing ever But it turns out having kids on Christmas is!"

That about sums it up.  True Story.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Month 7...(posted very week is month 8)

Dearest Brynn,

This month has been a blast! This month was all things new.  Our little girl is growing up and so fast.  I can't believe it.  This month has been one for the records.  You learned how to stand up in your crib, you sprouted your first tooth Monday November 4th, you learned how to stand up in your crib, you learned to go from laying to sitting and you finally put all that rocking on all fours to use and started crawling November 22nd.  You had your first playdates and your first baby music class.

Let's talk about Crawling..I just can't believe it!  I knew it was have been teasing me on all fours for over a month now.  But one morning you just decided "I think I want some dog food for breakfast", and just in a blink of an eye you went from your play mat to Lilly's dog food bowl across the room.  I did catch you in time before you ate it in case you are wondering.

You have a fake cough that you love to do on the daily.  You love to hear "oh baby you have a bad cough!"  Makes you laugh over and over and you will just keep doing it so we do it back.  You also love to blow raspberries and laugh in a loud scream.  You just think you are so darn funny.  You are constantly doing things and then looking at us like.."hey you see me!"

You are getting longer and leaner.  Growing like a weed.  You still have those chubby cheeks though.  Chubby cheekers as daddy calls you.  Sometimes I feel like I can't kiss them enough.  I think I kiss them probably 234985948579 times a day.  You don't seem to mind.  You even kiss back these days.  Only when you want to though.  That's another thing about you missy.  You are strong willed.  You do what you want when you want.  And want what you want when you want it.  I guess one day I might have to start doing something about this...;)  But right now...right's just too cute!

You are our life Brynn.  We love you more than any words can ever ever express.  You fill our whole entire hearts. Your joy and happiness is what makes my heart beat.  Lately I find myself rocking you to sleep and just holding you a little more tightly...and a little bit longer before I lay you down.  I just love you so much and I can't help but think of the fact that these things won't last forever.  You, my dear, are the best and biggest blessing.  I am forever thankful that God chose me to be your mother.  How on Earth did I get so blessed?

Love you to the moon and back.
xoxo Mommy & Daddy.

Baby stats:

Sleep: You are a rockstar!  We are officially 7 to 7 with no waking up in between.  It's amazing!!! 

Feeding: You are eating twice a day now.  Oatmeal and a fruit every morning and a fruit or veggie for dinner.  3 6oz bottles a day and an 8 oz before bed. You LOVE your food and you still scream whenever any meal is over with.

Birth: 8lbs 9oz
1 month: 9lbs 4oz (50th percentile)
2 months: 11lbs (75th percentile)
3 months: 12.15 (75th percentile)
4 months: 14.6 (between the 50th and 75th percentile)
5 months: 16 lbs (home measurements)
6 months.: 16.5 lbs (50th percentile)
7 months: 18 (home measurements)

Length:  Birth:19 inches
1 month: 21 3/4  (75th percentile)
2 months: 23 (50th percentile)
3 months: 24 inches (75th percentile)
4 months: 24 3/4 (between 50th and 75th percentile)
5 months: 26 inches (home measurements)
6 months: 26 1/4 (75th percentile)
7 months: (home measurements)
Diaper size:  size 3.

Clothes size: You are wearing 6 months in shirts, but 9 months in leggings.  All your Christmas Jammies you are wearing this month are 6-12 months and they fit you perfectly.

Hair color:  Light brown.

Eye color: At birth: deep royal blue
1 month: blue-ish grey
2 months: grey/blue.  sometimes more grey...sometimes more blue
3 months: grey/blue...some flecks of green...some flecks of brown.
4 months: bluish green.  still light.
5 months: blue/green/ tad of brown.
6 months: green
7 months: hazel

Firsts: Thanksgiving.  First time eating at the table.  First time eating table food.

Milestones:  You started crawling!! You are pulling yourself up on all the furniture now.

Favorite toy:  You are not much into would rather crawl around and take things that are not mommy's phone, Lilly's dog get the point ;)

Thursday, December 12, 2013

The most wonderful time of the year!

We have really been enjoying the most wonderful time of the year so far.  We have been in full festive mode since the day after Thanksgiving and loving every single moment of it!

We went to pick out our tree last week.  I really really x 1000 wish that we had Christmas tree farms and could go griswold style and chop down our own giant tree.  But that is not the case is sunny south Florida.  Anywho...we took ourselves to the good ol' Home Depot parking lot to find our tree.  Back in the day Steve used to work at home depot and assured me that he knew how to pick the perfect tree, even with it completely tied up.  I did surely not believe him and insisted it be opened up first.  But whadda ya was absolutely perfect.  Like the perfect triangle! No holes :)

It is so annoying having to wait 2 days to let your tree fall.  Especially when you are the worlds most impatient person!  So after two long days we finally got to decorate the tree!  Brynn joined us for lights and putting the star on top.  We decorated the rest with all the ornaments after she went to bed.  We followed this up with Steve's family tradition of drinking hot chocolate and eating little chocolate soldier cookies while just gazing at our masterpiece!

In other festive news we have been drinking out of our Christmas mugs on the daily.
Painting our nails sparkly red!

Wearing Christmas jammies....on the daily.
(I love this picture...looks like she hitting the egg nog ;)

Followed by wearing Christmas clothes on the daily.

Yesterday we went Christmas shopping in our matching santa shirts.  This was just all sorts of fun.  I'm sure one day Brynn will kill me for this silliness...but I LOVE it!  I can't wait to match us in many other outfits in the future.  While at the mall...we noticed there was no line for santa.  Now I had all intentions of us going as a family.  BUT my mom said "There's no line..lets just see if she goes bat shit crazy"...basically..if we should even bother coming back and standing in line later.  So they let us in and Brynn loved her some of the jolly ol' fat man.  She could not get enough!  She smiled ear to ear, let him hold her and gazed lovingly at his face while he told her "You are so cute, I need to take you home with me to the North Pole and make you one of my elves." And that's when I decided I MUST buy these pictures!  There is no way that they could possibly come out this cute next time around!

Can't wait to bake some cookies together and put this little elf in her Christmas dress!

Tis' the season :)

Friday, December 6, 2013

Our Thanksgiving

Celebrating holidays with our little babe has made me feel like a giddy kid all over again.  I literally lose sleep the night before because I can't wait for little Brynn to experience all the fun the following day. I actually look forward to busting in her door and screaming haaaappppyyyyy "________" whatever the holiday is and singing some kind of ridiculous song.  But she loves it and grins up at me with the cutest little face ever!

Thanksgiving morning I woke up and put the monkey bread in the crockpot to bring over to my moms.
We had our coffee in our Christmas mugs..Brynn was in her Christmas jammies.  We actually had a cold front and it was in the 50's so we opened all the windows and snuggled on the couch and watched the parade together.

Brynn wore her turkey dress for the special day :)

We feasted on some turkey shaped appetizers!

And then it was time for dinner.  Brynn has never sat at the table with us yet.  She just started eating baby food and we normally eat dinner after she goes to bed, so I was so excited for her to sit at the table with us!  I think she felt like a real big girl :)  She just kept looking around at all the food in front of her.  I chopped up some little green beans and put some mashed potatoes on her little tray.  She mostly mashed it all around...I'm not even sure any actually made it in her mouth.  But she had a good ol time!
I had to take the turkey leg and let her hold it to get some awesome photos.  That girl took that turkey leg and put it right in her mouth!  She was all about that turkey leg!  Im pretty sure she would have chewed on that baby all night had I let her.

We ended the night in Christmas jammies in the living room sipping on Baileys.  Well, not Brynn.  She was the entertainment in the middle of the living room showing off her new crawling and climbing skills.

It was a nice day with family and another first holiday checked off the calendar for Brynnie.  Now onto Christmas!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013


This past week we took a little trip to our happy place, Gulf Shores :)  It had been 3 months since Brynn had seen her "Honey" (great grandma) and it was time to reunite.  Honey needed her sugar...and there are no sweeter kisses in this world than those from sweet Brynn Caroline.

It is about a 10 hour drive.  We have made this drive once before when Brynn was 2 months.  I was very nervous then, but was pleasantly surprised when she slept basically the whole time.  I knew this time would be different as Brynn is almost 7 months old, hates to be strapped down and has to be entertained 24-7.  I honestly was expecting to go bat shit crazy and frankly I knew that I would need backup.  Insert granmama.  So basically Steve drove all ten hours and my mom and I tag teamed Brynn.  After all my nightmares of all the possible ways this car trip could have gone so so bad, it was fantastic.  My mom and I took shifts, 5 hours each.  She took some naps..watched cartoons on the laptop...& played with the many toys we shoved in her face with a side of Lilly's collar.  Hey..whatever makes her happy. 

Honey and Pops were so happy to see her.  & Brynn well she was fascinated by the fact that in her eyes ..Lilly had multiplied!  (They have a maltese also.)  She could not get enough of those two dogs. I really would loved to have been able to know what exactly she was thinking seeing two identical puppies.  Everytime they walked next to each other and near her...she just about would lose her marbles.  I think that was probably the hardest I have ever heard her laugh.  She just loves her puppy...and well seeing two..I think that made her year.

Followed by my fear of the car trip was my fear of Brynn getting off schedule and not sleeping well in the pack n play.  We just got her on a set nap schedule, and just got her fully back to sleeping through the night.  I was terrified that she would not nap, be a cranky pants..and wake up multiple times a night..causing me to run in there for fear of her waking the whole house.  Again, I was blown away when she slept through the night every night and stayed on her exact schedule.  With the exception of not receiving the time change memo and waking at 5 every morning.  But, hey..what are you gonna do.

We spent most of the time just hanging out as a family.  Everyone enjoyed just watching Brynn and her funny personality she has developed.  She had everyone rolling over her new fake cough.  She would cough and cough...waiting for everyone to tell her "ooo baby has a bad cough."  Honey and pops would cough at her and she would cough back.  A ball for her.  

The rest of the time was spent...

decorating the Christmas tree.

a lunch date with Granmama.
Can't go to the beach and not get some fried shrimp!
 A mommy & daddy lunch date alone..unheard of these days.

& Brynn cuddles and love which is the whole reason we came.  It just warms my heart in ways I never dreamed of seeing my grandparents that I love so much, love my baby so much.  It's such an overwhelming feeling of love to see the love others have for your greatest love.

This picture right here could quite possibly be my most favorite of all time, afterall, it has my two favorite ladies in it :)

It was a quick trip, but just what the doctor ordered.  Sometimes you just need a spontaneous trip to spend time with your loved ones.