Friday, December 28, 2012

Dear Baby

I'm having a baby.
I'm pregnant.
I'm going to be a mommy.
A mom.


I don't know what kind of mom I will be.
I've dreamed of what kind of mom I will be my whole life.
I hope I can meet those expectations.
my mom is amazing.
she is the best mom there could ever be.
she'll be your grandma.
You're going to just love her and she already loves you a whole bunch.
she is such a loving mom and i know that she will make a perfect grandmother to you.
she had a hard and sad life growing up, but you would never know that about her.
everything about her is selfless, giving, caring, honest...loving. 
i want to be like that for you.

My love for you is already overwhelming.
I can't help but cry while I write this.
Happy tears.
My heart is so full of love and happiness. sometimes I feel like it could burst.
I've dreamed of this my whole life & prayed for you countless times.
& now you are here.  
inside me.
It is so surreal, sometimes I feel like I should pinch myself.
God is good all the time.

your daddy. 

I love him so much.
He is laying right next to me while I write this.
He is the kindest, sweetest, most big hearted man I know.
He is a happy man, always smiling and telling jokes.
God led us to each other.  We were meant to be together.
I know this.
I prayed for your daddy for a long time.
We are one in the same.
He is a better person in the places that I lacking & I am the same for him.
Together we make a perfect pair.
I knew I was going to marry him from the first time I met him.
I hope you always feel the love we have for each other.
I hope we are good role models for you of what true love is.
We will always be together.  We will always love each other & you.
You are an answered prayer
We are so excited to be your parents.
We love talking about you every day and imagining what you will be like.
Who will you look like?
We love seeing you on the ultrasounds.  You are so teeny & spunky.
We can already tell that you are full of life. 
We can't wait to meet you and shower you with lots and lots of love.
We can't wait for you to be a part of our family.

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