Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Making memories :)

Steve and I decided (well mostly me) to start this blog to document this exciting journey that you only get to experience 1, 2 or 3 times in your life if your lucky.  I have dreamed of being a mommy my entire life.  I have dreamed of what it will be like and how Steve and I will take a million pictures and video tape everything!  We pretty much started being obsessive over that stuff when we met.  I knew from a long time ago that I wanted pictures of my proposal, and videos of my wedding and wedding festivities, videos of our honeymoon, 1 year anniversary and the day we found out we were having a baby.  I always thought how awesome would it be for our children to one day see in the future...all the love mommy and daddy had for each other and how much they wanted them. 

I hope to blog week to week about what is going on and take weekly belly pics to document the growing belly :)  I hope to eventually turn this into a blog that continues to follow our family.  Our everyday adventures full of fun and love.  I hope that eventually I can take all these posts and pictures and have them made into books that we as a family can go back and read. 

We are all about the memories and cheesy-ness people and we LOVE it!


Last Thursday afternoon after a long day of setting up my classroom in preparation for meeting my new kiddo's the following day I found myself exhausted.  I actually had been quite tired the whole week...but that could have just as easily of been from not working for the past 2 1/2 months.  I was just getting ready to take a shower and relax for the evening when I decided...what the heck, let me take a test!  Knowing very well it was still very early.  I took the test..and jumped in the shower.  Halfway through the shower it hit me that I should go check on it and to my surprise there was a very real, very there second pink line!  I had imagined this moment for many many years in my mind.  I just stood there in my towel, shower still running and started bawling my eyes out and thanking God over and over and over!  This was it.  This was what I have been waiting for my whole life. Thank you Jesus <3

After the first initial shock, I jumped back in the shower then got dressed and eagerly awaited Steve to get home from work.  I had always imagined of telling him in some cute creative way.  But, when it actually came down to it....I couldn't hold it in long enough to come up with something.  I screamed his name and as soon as he came in the room I lost it again immediately.  And he knew.  He said he knew the second he saw my face. 

That weekend we were off to Key West with our best friends.  Bring on the water and sprite!  Instant cold turkey my friends.

After the weekend I scheduled my first initial appointment and consultation, where I found out that I was 4 weeks and two days.  Little baby "B"  is due to make his or her arrival on May 1st 2013 :)