Sunday, April 15, 2018

Sister Snipets

Its been a while since I have done a little update on the girls.  They are growing up at warp speed and I want to take a little time to jot down some things about these sweet girls of mine.


Brynn turns five in two weeks.  How did that happen?  I really don't feel like I'm old enough for that haha!  But here we are.  Four has been amazing and I'm really looking forward to five.  She is my big girl, my little friend... always by my side.  Brynn is so sweet and loving, a people pleaser, a perfectionist, a girly girl through and through.  She loves doing crafts together, loves to paint and draw, loves ballet, singing and helping me cook. Will only wear dresses and tell me which hairstyle she would like each day.  She is still an animal lover through and through and shares all my little farmhouse dreams.  She's so tall, its sometimes shocking to me, her teeny tiny mama. A spitting image of her daddy and after five that is finally all the way down her back.  She loves learning and doing school time.  Our favorite time together is working at the kitchen table on projects during Jolies nap, or reading chapters from a new chapter book before bed.


2 1/2.  We still call her the baby ;) and in many ways she still feels so much that way even though she is approaching three.  Jolie, my little mini me.  She just had her two year check up last month ( a little late, oops!) and is only in the 3rd percentile for height.  She is my teeny tiny petite thing, but I just love that about her.  It also probably lets her get away with way more than she should!  I have to remind myself all the time she's almost three! Jolie is a sassy thing. Thick in the throes of terrible two's and threenager-ness, but equal parts sweet. Loves to cuddle, rock in the rocking chair, bubbles,  and swinging.  She asks "swing me!" from the time she opens her eyes til dinner time and saying no to this is the source of many melt downs.  She is so silly and is always trying to make us laugh.  She is a mamas girl and loves to climb up on the couch and say "I need you" or "cuddle you!"


These two are best friends and follow each other around morning til night.  Jolie is infatuated by Brynn. Always trying to make her laugh or copy exactly what she does.  She always wants to be exactly the same.  They are always hugging and kissing and will at the same time be in a knock down drag out fight over wanting the same doll.  I always say they are either  loving each other hard or ready to kill each other and there is no in between ;)  They  have been begging to share a room, so last week I finally moved them in together.  It has been the sweetest thing.  I love watching them on the monitor at night, so many giggles.  Jolie sneaking out of her bed to Brynn's for one more kiss, and Brynn singing her songs for her to fall asleep.  Every morning I hear one wake up and call the other one....and then they walk out together holding hands.  I just know they are going to build so many memories together in there.  <3

And that's my two girlies at nearly five and 2 1/2 and time you can slow down now. ok, thanks!

Monday, April 9, 2018

Easter 2018

We spent the day before Easter doing more fun activities.  We read about the Easter story and then made resurrection rolls.  The girls really enjoyed this, and they were super delicious.  I think even Jolie sort of got it ;)  Every time we wrapped a marshmallow she would say "oohhh thats sad!"  And when we bit into them and the marshmallow was gone she was hysterical saying "hellooooo????"

Later we made bunny food, grass and glitter.  That night we got into our Easter Pjs and sprinkled it from the sidewalk up to the front door.

The Easter bunny brought the girls all sorts of stuff for summer fun!  New floats, towels, jelly shoes, bubbles, chalk, sand toys etc.  They were really excited for all their goodies!

Easter morning we got dressed in our Sunday best and headed to church.  Afterwards, we went to my moms house for en egg hunt and Easter dinner.

The girls did a great job with the egg hunt.  Brynn was running full speed and cracking me up...taking it so seriously and finding all the super hidden eggs.  Then there was Jolie, like she was taking a leisurely stroll, collecting one here and there.  Brynn was really sweet with helping Jolie or giving her eggs that she had found to keep it even :)  Love these sweet girls, can't believe how big they are getting.

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Easter Activities

We have been very busy getting in all our fun Easter activities this week.  
We started with our annual Easter egg lunch.  The girls love this, and I love making it for them each year.

When I used to teach kindergarten sometimes we would do these things called directed drawings.  As the teacher I would draw one part of a picture at a time and they would copy me on their own paper. It was always cute to see how cute and different they all turned out.  I decided to do one of a bunny with Brynn this week and then let her paint it afterwards.  She absolutely loved this activity.

Afterwards, she had me draw and cut out numerous Easter pictures for her to paint.  She literally did this for hours.

This morning while I was doing Brynn's hair I was talking to her about the last supper in preparation for Easter.  Afterwards, she walked out of the room while I started working on Jolie's hair.  I walked out to find her sitting down drawing a beautiful picture of the "feast."  So sweet!  She even gave some of them angel wings ;)

Later, we dyed our eggs.  While we were in Alabama, Brynn picked out this spinning contraption that you stick the egg in with dye and then press the spinner and it makes them all marbled and pretty.  We started with that and they turned out so pretty.  But, silly could it slip my mind that I should have bought two.  Twoooo of everything, when will I learn my lesson.  Afterwards, we did a few the old fashioned way.

At night we did our egg bath we do every year.  We empty all the toys out of the tub and fill with bubbles and plastic eggs.  Its always a hit and the girls stayed in for a whole hour tonight.

(side note, say good bye to the last and final picture of the brown bathtub! tomorrow it will finally be white as the last and final piece of our bathroom renovation!!!)

We really wanted to go to the Easter Maundy service tonight at church, but once again, Jolie has a runny nose and cough that we brought home from Alabama.  I am hoping that she is well enough for us to go to the Good Friday service tomorrow. 

We plan to read some Easter books tomorrow, and make our resurrection rolls!

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Honey's 80th!

Last week we packed up and headed to Alabama to celebrate our sweet Honey's 80th birthday!  She's such a special person to us and for such a big birthday we had to celebrate her in a big way.  My cousin and her boys drove down for the occasion too so, it was a packed house full of loved ones and grandbabies for her.

During her birthday day she kept getting mad we had errands to run, so we joked with her all day that we had to go finalize the plans for the stripper coming later that night, so just calm down! haha. She was hysterical and in typical Honey fashion said "ohhh ok, well let me go get ready, I want to look nice for him!"  That afternoon she took a nap and Heather and I took the opportunity to decorate the house up.  When she woke up she was so shocked!  It was so sweet!  She started to cry saying over and over how she didn't deserve all this.  We assured her over and over that she definitely did because she was the most special lady in the whole world to us.  Although, she did make sure to inform us that we messed up on her age she is only 69, not 80.  ;)  She has been 69 as long as I can remember! haha

We did a cheers to 80 years theme and dressed her up with a "the queen is 80" shirt, pin and light up tiara.  She loved it!  Pops grilled us all steaks on the grill for dinner...and we wrapped the night up with the most delicious cake....caramel inside, and her store icing as she calls it ;)

is she the cutest or what!

For her past couple birthdays we have gifted her new flowers for her pots outside.  She loves looking at them and going out there to water them and take care of them each day.  My mom, myself and the girls helped her plant them while she supervised us from her rocking chair with her chardonnay :)

The weekend was filled with the cousins playing, pops cooking us several delicious meals...he is quite the chef these days, and some walks on the beach. 

 It was a quick three day trip, but sweet and full of memories I will hold in my heart forever.