Tuesday, September 19, 2017

JoJo is T W O

Our baby is two and I can't hardly believe it!
Jolie still feels like so much a baby to me.  That could be because she quite possibly is our last baby and I am holding on to that so much more than with Brynn.  1st baby you are always rush rush rush, trying to get them to do this or that or learn this or that...and then you kind of catch on to how fast it goes by and well, just don't rush things. Savor them.  It could also be because she is the most petite little thing. She get it from her mama. I mean she still fits perfectly curled up in my tiny 4'11 lap and that makes her feel like that baby is still there.

Holding on to that whole babies don't keep mentality I decided that I would go with a sweet little theme.  I love me a baby in a bonnet. There is nothing sweeter.  & you know, dress them like they are little because they are only little for a little while.  So I knew I wanted to incorporate my two favorite baby things...bonnets and bows.  & luckily for me Jo rhymes with an awful lot, and thus "With a bonnet and a bow, its time to celebrate our sweet Jo" was born.

I wrecked and wrecked my brain about what to do to celebrate Jolie. Because well, second children.  With Brynn we had a "oh two-dles" family party and then went to Disney and she got a big girl bed from Pottery Barn and well...it just got me to feeling guilty and feelings of I need to keep up, everything needs to be equal.  You know...one day she will read this blog ;) .... & see what I did with sis and feel jipped.  Silly I know, but these are the sorts of things that keep my silly self up at night.

Its waaaay to hot for Disney in August. The end. So, we shall save that for another day.

So, I finally decided to come to my senses and realize that she is in fact two and that as long as we have a fun day that is all that matters.  So, I decided to do all her favorite things all day long and then have everyone over for dinner for her favorite food..pizza!  We woke up to donuts, and then spent the day with bubbles, water beads, swimming and water balloons.  Come lunch time she was practically falling asleep in her high chair.

That night everyone came over and had pizza.  We opened all the gifts which consisted of all things babies.  Baby dolls, baby strollers...baby cradles.  She was in doll heaven!

It was a great day celebrating our sweet, sweet Jolie!

Monday, August 28, 2017

Our Fourth

(just realized I never hit the publish button on this one)

The Fourth has always been one of my favorite holidays, probably just second to Christmas.  This year we have been here about two months now, but usually this is the week of the summer we always choose to come up to the beach house.  I just love being at the beach, the whole family in one house, beach all day, drinks and cookouts at night and everything red, white and blue. 

This year my family came up that Friday before to join us for the fourth.  Friday was also Steve and I's 6th wedding anniversary.  When Steve and I got married I knew I wanted to do it here in Gulf Shores, and I knew I wanted to do it at my favorite place my grandparents house and on my favorite weekend of the year, so all our friends could join in for the fun.  So, having our anniversary the same weekend always makes it extra special now.  That Friday, since everyone was driving up still we ended up for the first year not having a babysitter and not being able to go to our usual restaurant date like we usually do every year.  It was ok though, we spent the day at the beach with the girls and met everyone down at my grandparents for drinks at sunset.  The girls were soooo happy to be reunited with their grandparents after seven weeks.

Tuesday the fourth we woke up and started the day with our flag cake tradition.  My brother, cousin and I have been making this cake every fourth since we were about 5.  Then we headed down to the beach and stayed alllll day.  And wouldn't you know it it was the most beautiful beach day of our entire stay.  Not a cloud in the sky and the water was kiddy-perfection!  We stayed until around five and headed back up for showers and to start our shrimp boil.  We used to do ribs, but three years ago changed to this and its just so much fun.

After dinner we took the girls down in the backyard to do sparklers.  Brynn was a little scared of them and only wanted to do two, which was funny because last year she was all about them.  This year was Jolie's first sparkler experience and she was all about it and not scared one bit, as per usual.

Afterwards, we headed back down to our beach house and tucked Jolie in for bed.  Steve stayed behind with her, while my parents and I walked back down to the beach with Brynn for the fireworks show.  She was just as amazed as last year and loved every bit of it and immediately asked if we could do it again.

Friday, June 23, 2017

Father's Day 2017

This weekend we celebrated the best daddy in the world.  It's only right that he gets a day to be celebrated all day long, because really...he is just the best.  The best girl dad around.  He loves being a dad and he loves his girls something fierce.  If I had a dollar for every time someone said to him "and now you need to try for your boy"...we would probably be rich.  But, the truth is Steve could care less about having a boy and says he loves having girls and if we ever have a third he would again wish for yet another girl.  He despises that comment...because these girls compete his world.  And to these girls....he hung the moon.

He plays tea party, dress up...always plays the prince, get his nails painted, knows the words to every princess sound track, can do a mean top knot and knows no outfit is complete without a matching bow.  He works so hard for our family and is such a hands on dad.  He does it all y'all, and for that I am forever grateful.  He changes all the diapers, has always helped with night time duty, takes turns waking up in the morning every other day so I can sleep in, does whiney toddler duty, bath time and knows exactly when to swoop in and give me the break I need so I can tap out.  He works so hard to provide for us and for me to be a stay at home mom,  shares all my dreams and encourages them and is such a true leader and perfect example for my girls.  They have the perfect example of what to look for in a husband in their dad.  They are his princesses and not a day goes by that he doesn't kiss them or tell them how beautiful they are.

They are so lucky to have him.

This Father's Day we celebrated with donuts, a beach day and catered in bbq with my grandparents.  It was a great day!

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Cousin Time

Our second beach house visitor was my cousin Heather and her two boys.  She lives a few hours north of here and it had been a whole year since I saw her last.  She last came to visit me last May to meet Jolie and since then she has had another little baby boy and so our visit was long over due!
She came just for the weekend only, short and sweet but the kids had a blast!

The girls loved having a baby around.  They were on him like white on rice and could not get enough.  He must have had a lasting impact because Brynn has since said that she wants a baby brother.  But what she has since said is she would like a baby boy...but once he turns into a bigger boy we need to give him away ;)

We spent the day at the beach together where the kids dug the day away, Steve caught them a giant crab in their bucket which kept their attention for hours, Heather let the kids bury her, which Im sure she probably super regretted later haha and we ended the evening with babies all over their great grandparents.  

These pictures melt my heart to pieces.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Beach Dayyyzzz

I haven't been doing much blogging since being here at the beach, and well, thats because I have been trying to just enjoy these babies and this family of mine to the max!  Doesn't mean I haven't taken one million pictures as per usual though, and sooo it's time for a little picture recap of our past month at the beach house.

Our routine has pretty much been eat, beach, sleep repeat.  And after a few full beach days in a row we take a little sun break and do some exploring and go to different towns,  have lunch, visit the sites...ice cream.  It has been so fun.  Steve works in the mornings through Jolie's nap and after that its all family time.  I have enjoyed spending all this time together the four of us.  So much togetherness and undivided attention on the girls and it has been so great.   Also, my grandparents are down the street so, we have enjoyed so much special quality time with them as well.  They are 80 and so all this time with them has been beyond special.  They are enjoying the girls so much, and its so beautiful to watch the happiness the girls bring to them.

Anyways....pictures.  Because there can never be enough.  Which is kind of how I feel about toddler swim wear.  Never enough. Never.

And just like that month one is in the books!